New Work

Spiritual Landscapes- Drapery series

This painting is part of a series of works that uses drapery as a subject to explore spiritual landscapes related to identity and the body. I rely on the suggestiveness of form to influence the viewer to engage in a psychological narrative. I believe that regardless of language spoken or cultural identity that we all share a subliminal understanding of aspects of the world around us and what it means to be human.

Each painting project involves taking a piece of fabric and twisting it, hanging it, sometimes stuffing it with pillows, or using rope to tie it up until it is in a formation that has a physical dimension that pleases me.

Another important aspect is in arranging my studio lights to create dramatic chiaroscuro. I will always make a few quick, loose and gestural charcoal drawings to get to know the potential in the form and to become acquainted with the anthropomorphic and metaphysical personality of my new creation. I’m really interested in perspective and how an artist can suggest a 3-dimensional form on a flat surface.


I recently completed a study tour in Italy to view paintings of drapery painting ( I keep falling in love again with Carravagio and Artemesia Gentileschi paintings) and also discovered how drapery was used for dramatic emotional narrative with Roman sculptures.

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