My goal is to experience the world and myself deeply. Making art and teaching art are some of the ways I have discovered I can do this. I am a figurative artist with a passion for the spaces we inhabit. I am interested in spaces, big and small, man made and wild, real and imaginary and the way we exist in them to define who we are.

Drawing has always been a way for me to meditate on the world around me and is the foundation to all my work. The slow act of observing, and responsive mark-making allows me to deepen my experience of a place or person or object. I use drawing to explore my subject, the drawing marks are the questions that tease out new answers. I love the way making a drawing asks me to be ‘still’ and ‘in’ my thoughts and yet requires a dynamic series of constructed, choreographic movements. My painting and mixed media work evolves from this process.

Classes & Tuition

I think we are all born with a lot of creative energy and curiosity. I have utmost respect for all creative expression, professional and amateur and I love working with people in this environment.

Teaching a diverse group of people with different skill levels and motivation requires a diverse and flexible teaching approach. I have often described my teaching style as being like a ‘smorgasbord’ in that I provide a broad range of ideas and technical approaches from which students can select and respond to those elements that suit their ‘creative tastes’ and personal motivations.

My aim is to create an environment where students can feel comfortable to explore their creative potential whilst also providing thorough explanations on visual analytical techniques and systems. These include perspective, the science of light on form, how to create tonal modelling for 3d effects, the use of geometric equivalents, anatomy, proportion, stylistic devices, analysis of contemporary artistic practice, the use and application of various media for drawing, mixed media and painting.

I specialise in Life drawing , portrait, genre and acrylic painting.

I have expertise in adult education, HSC and International Baccalaureate and private tuition.